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Welcome to Dr. Math Tutoring!

Dr. Math Tutoring is a unique tutoring service dedicated to providing personalized high quality assistance to middle- and high school students.  Most of our work is with high school students, but we also serve grades 6-8, college students, and homeschool families who need the expertise we can provide.​ We work in person in the Raleigh area and by Zoom everywhere else.

Math is the primary subject we tutor, and we do it well!  We now also have tutoring available in Chemistry, Physics, and English!    Call us at 984-218-5355 for more information.

Who is Dr. Math?

Dr. Math is actually a real person:  Jeff Steckroth.


Dr. Steckroth is a veteran mathematics educator with an earned doctorate in Mathematics Education from the University of Virginia (2007) and a wealth of experience as a high school teacher, college professor, and private tutor. He has been involved in mathematics education and private tutoring for many years, and he knows what it takes for students to be successful. He is licensed to teach math in both North Carolina and Virginia.

Top five reasons to use Dr. Math Tutoring:
  1. Dr. Math and his staff are experienced and licensed.

  2. In-person sessions are held in local libraries.

  3. Virtual sessions via Zoom are available.

  4. We specialize in high school math topics from pre-Algebra through AP Calculus.

  5. Now offering Physics, Chemistry, English, and ACT/SAT prep services.

Physics and Chemistry Tutoring
Dr. Math offers virtual tutoring in both Chemistry and Physics. Tyler is National Board Certified in both Mathematics and Science, tutoring in math and two sciences: Chemistry and Physics. Openings are now available.

English, Literature, Reading, and Writing

Tutoring in these topics as well as assistance in preparing college essays is available courtesy of Nikki, an experienced and licensed teacher of English and current school librarian.

Female Student
What courses do we tutor?


We provide tutoring assistance for any and all middle- and high school level math courses including all NC Common Core courses as well as the traditional sequence of courses. Dr. Math is especially good at deciphering the "MVP" curriculum used in Wake County and helping students (and parents) understand the essential mathematics being covered. We prepare students for the SAT Math and ACT Math standardized tests. Also we now offer Chemistry and Physics tutoring using our virtual platform as well and English, Literature, Reading, and Writing both in-person and virtually.

Click here for a list of courses.

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