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Dr. Math Testimonials

Comments from some of our satisfied customers:

"Jeff is a fabulous tutor with tremendous teaching experience. The time spent with our child translates to a greater confidence in her advanced math studies. He engages our teen in every step of the learning process and has made a significant impact on our child's learning.

~Parents of a rising ninth grader

 "Our daughter absolutely loved working with Jeff; he was extremely knowledgeable, kind, patient and one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen.  He knew how to explain the work in a way Emily could understand without just giving her the answers or sitting idly by and checking the finished problems.  He was actively engaged in the learning process and always willing to stay a little later or make time for an unscheduled 'math test' emergency session."

~Lauren W.

"Alexis looked forward to seeing Jeff each week and she couldn’t wait to share her quiz and test grades on each visit.  He absolutely instilled a confidence in her math abilities that I had not seen before.  I feel sure that her success on her EOC tests was due in large part to Jeff’s tutoring skills and her new found confidence."

~Cathy T.

"Anthony struggled with the math portion of the SAT, so we arranged for him to be tutored prior to the June test. Working with Dr. Math not only improved Anthony's understanding of the content of the test, but it also gave him the confidence he was lacking. We are happy to report that Anthony's math score increased by 60 points on the SAT. He has a legitimate opportunity now to attend his dream college. Thanks, Dr. Math."

~Mr. and Mrs. John W.

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