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Covid Learning Loss

The Covid pandemic wreaked havoc with students at all grade levels. Learning loss is real, and students are now experiencing the effects of two years of online "learning." They are finding that they are often unprepared for their current courses, lacking the prerequisite skills needed to be successful. Teachers can't do remedial work with large groups of students, so many capable students are now finding themselves overwhelmed, through no fault of their own.

How can Dr. Math help?


Targeted tutoring can focus on one topic at a time and allow it to be retaught at a pace and level that is unique to each student's needs. Summer is the ideal time for remedial assistance, but sessions during the school year can also be integrated into the schedule.

"Just-in-time" help

Because Dr. Math tutors are content experts, they can identify prerequisite skills that are lacking and incorporate them into tutoring sessions as the need arises. Many students need "brushing up" occasionally to ensure they are ready to tackle new content. Our knowledge of the sequence in which concepts are presented allows us to review and preview in real-time on an as-needed basis.

Blended Instruction

Knowing the content as we do allows us to tie together concepts and help students make sense of how everything is connected and part of a coherent body of knowledge. We may link geometry concepts with algebra concepts or help students see how Math 1 material links directly with Math 3.

AP Precalculus

The newest Advanced Placement math course, AP Precalculus, is taking precalculus to the next level in an effort to help students gain the content knowledge needed for success in AP Calculus. We can help students who may have missed important background concepts from Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 due to Covid. Because we know the math that precedes and leads up to AP Precalculus as well as the following course, AP Calculus, we can help fill in gaps and make sure students are successful.

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