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Terms and Conditions

In order to avoid confusion or misunderstandings involving matters of time and money, the Dr. Math Tutoring policies are outlined below. They are intended as general guidelines, rather than strict regulations. Please feel free to contact Dr. Math Tutoring (  if you have any questions or concerns. For the purpose of these policies, the client is considered the adult party responsible for making payments for the tutoring sessions, typically the student’s parent.


Tutorial Sessions

Tutoring sessions generally run for 55 minutes, although longer sessions may be scheduled by request. For most students, regular weekly sessions are appropriate and provide the needed level of support. In some situations, particularly where students are having significant difficulty with course content or lack prerequisite skills, twice-weekly sessions may be necessary. Typically clients choose to meet at a regular time and place each week, although single sessions may be scheduled, depending upon availability.


Tutoring Locations

Tutoring sessions are generally conducted in local public libraries. Our website ( shows which libraries are being utilized and on which days tutoring sessions are available. Using public libraries allows Dr. Math Tutoring to keep the cost of tutoring services down and allows clients to select a location and time that are convenient for them. By request, Dr. Math tutors may be contracted to tutor at other locations on a case-by-case basis. In-home tutoring services are also available on a very limited basis.


Home Tutoring

For some clients, home tutoring is preferred, and Dr. Math Tutoring can provide in-home tutoring services in addition to its standard public library-based locations. When home tutoring is utilized, at least one parent, guardian, or adult person must be present for the entire duration of the tutoring session. Costs for in-home tutoring may include additional charges depending on location.


Group Tutoring Sessions

Most of our tutoring takes place in a one-on-one setting, with one tutor and one Student. On occasion, however, we do work with two or three students at one time, provided all are taking the same course with the same teacher. For group tutoring sessions and rates, please contact Dr. Math Tutoring directly for further information.


Homeschool Instruction

Dr. Math Tutoring is available to provide instruction in courses ranging from pre-Algebra through Calculus to homeschooling families. For these courses, rates vary depending on the location, frequency, and number of students involved. Once a course plan is in place and a payment plan is established, clients are expected to have their students continuously enrolled until the end date of the course. If clients must withdraw from the course, prior to the end of the term, no refund will be given unless due to extreme extenuating circumstances, since course pricing is determined by the number of students enrolled at the beginning of the course.


Cancelations, Lateness, and No-Shows

The lateness and cancelation policy has been created to be fair to the client and tutor, as well as other students who may be scheduled on the same day as the Student.

  • Client agrees to let the tutor know of cancelations or lateness by phone, text, or email at least 24 hours before the scheduled session, whenever possible.

  • If the client cancels a session less than 24 hours before the scheduled session more than once, the client will be charged for the session. Same-day cancelations should be made by text or phone call directly to the Tutor.

  • Students are allowed up to two cancellations per school year for any reason without a charge. This includes cancellations due to scheduling conflicts, emergencies, sudden or unexpected illness, or any other reason. For all cancellations, clients should call or text the tutor directly and provide as much notice as possible. Tutors may reschedule sessions at a different time during the week if schedules allow. After two cancellations during the same school year, client is responsible for the full cost of the tutoring session.

  • No adjustment of fees or schedule shall be made for time lost because of late arrival or early departure by the student.

  • If a session is missed without prior notification (No-Show), client will be charged the full hourly rate for the missed session.

  • Clients are expected to notify their tutor in advance if school holidays or teacher workdays will impact a regularly scheduled tutoring session. Tutors are often available to tutor over school breaks, so clients should let their tutors know in advance what their intentions are.

  • When inclement weather causes an adjustment or cancellation of school, Dr. Math Tutoring will adhere to the decision of the Wake County Public Schools with regard to closings and delays. Similarly, if libraries are closed due to weather, holidays, or for some other reason, no tutoring sessions scheduled for any of the public libraries will be held. Clients are advised to check directly with their tutor if there are any questions about whether a tutoring session will be held.

  • If schools and/or libraries are closed, tutoring sessions may be held at alternate sites by mutual agreement of the tutor and client. Sites like Starbucks, Panera, or Barnes and Noble may be used if library facilities are not available. Clients will be charged their regular rate for sessions held at alternate sites.


Tutor Cancellations

Tutors are expected to have few, if any cancellations.

  • If a tutor knows in advance that he/she will have to miss a regularly scheduled tutoring session, he will notify clients in advance and make every effort to reschedule to accommodate the student.

  • If a tutor will be unavailable for any extended length of time, a substitute tutor may be provided with the approval of the client.

  • If a tutor must cancel less than 24 hours before the session is scheduled, the tutor will notify the client by phone or text message


Dr. Math Tutors are frequently booked for several consecutive sessions on multiple days, so it may be difficult to reschedule a previously booked tutoring session. Depending upon the tutor’s schedule and availability, every effort will be made to accommodate a request to reschedule a tutoring session. When regular sessions are rescheduled at the Client’s request, a surcharge may be added, depending upon whether the tutor is able to fill the original time slot with another student.


Progress Reports

Dr. Math keeps in touch with parents by providing occasional informal progress reports by email. If you have a concern or question, Dr. Math is also available to discuss matters of interest by phone, should that be more convenient.



Regular communication between the tutor and client is key to a successful tutoring partnership. Clients are invited to contact their tutor to discuss progress or concerns that may arise. Occasionally it is helpful for the tutor to communicate directly with the student’s math teacher. It is not a requirement, but if the client wishes to have the tutor keep in touch directly with the student’s teacher, the client should provide the tutor with contact information for the teacher.



Payments for tutoring services are generally made in advance online using any major credit card. Rates for tutoring sessions vary depending on the type of tutoring requested (Standard, Advanced Placement, Test Prep), the number of tutoring sessions booked in advance, and the location at which the tutoring takes place. For tutoring sessions scheduled in the Student’s home, a mileage fee may be added, depending on where the student’s home is located. Dr. Math also accepts cash, checks, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal payments by request. If one of the standard tutoring packages does not meet your needs, Dr. Math can customize a package for you. Please contact Dr. Math by email, phone, or text if you have such a request.


Termination of Tutoring Services and Refunds

Most Dr. Math clients choose to register for multiple tutoring sessions by purchasing a package according to their particular needs. On occasion, clients must end their relationship with Dr. Math due to job transfers, relocations, or other unexpected reasons. When such a situation arises, clients are expected to give as much notice as possible, but at least a one-week notice. This can be done by email or phone, and as soon as this notice is received, an adjustment to the client’s account will be made based on the number of sessions used and the total amount paid by the client. Since packages are usually purchased using the monthly payment plans, clients may receive refunds for the difference between the amount paid and the value of the tutoring sessions received.


If the client wishes to stop tutoring sessions prior to the end of their contracted term, please contact Dr. Math Tutoring directly to discuss the reasons behind this decision. We want to keep our clients satisfied and will work with you directly to address any concerns you may have. If, however, you decide to stop using the services of Dr. Math Tutoring, we ask that you give at least a one-week notice by email to Dr. Math, and fees charged for any unused tutoring sessions will be promptly refunded, subject to price adjustment based on the number of sessions used.

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