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Become A  Dr. Math Tutor

Dr. Math Tutors are different because of their ability to "make math make sense." More than just a slogan or tagline, it's a special way of working with students to help them understand what they are learning. When students can make connections between what they already know and what they are currently learning, math has meaning and the results are long-lasting.

Dr. Math tutors are able to help students make sense of the mathematics, regardless of the topic or level. They can explain the "why" behind the math and avoid using cute "tricks" or shortcuts. Dr. Math tutors balance the procedural knowledge with the conceptual understanding to help students know both the "how" and the "why" behind what they do.

If you think "keep-change-flip" is how to teach division of fractions, for example, you're probably not the right candidate for Dr. Math Tutoring.

If, however, you meet the qualifications listed at the right and are interested in joining our team, contact Dr. Math to express your interest. Send a resume and a few comments about yourself and we will get back in touch.

Dr. Math Tutoring Minimum Qualifications:
  1. Teaching experience of 5 or more years

  2. Licensed to teach math 6-12 in North Carolina or another state

  3. Experience teaching two or more high school level math courses

  4. Able to use online resources for instruction and to document student progress

  5. Enthusiastic about working with high school students

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