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ACT and SAT Prep

Students Taking Exams

Preparing for the math sections of the ACT and the SAT college entrance examinations is tricky business, but Dr. Math has the experience to help students improve their confidence and their scores. Many students and their families are not familiar with the nuances of the two examinations, so part of the Dr. Math approach focuses on familiarizing the student with the structure and characteristics of each test in order to avoid surprises.

In an effort to stay current with the trends in the ACT and SAT examinations, Dr. Math has committed to taking each test himself on a regular basis. He recently completed the ACT exam and earned a 36, the top math score. As for the SAT exam, Dr. Math has now twice in succession attained the maximum possible score of 800. While he was involved in teacher education at the university level, he also took the Praxis II exam required of all incoming high school math teachers. Dr. Math's score: 200 (perfect)!

Graduation Girls

Being able to earn perfect scores on standardized tests does not necessarily mean that a person can help others do the same. That's where Dr. Math Tutoring has the edge. First-hand knowledge of the tests from having taken them plus the teaching experience and content knowledge to reach students where they need help the most are a solid combination.

While no one can guarantee that scores will increase, many of Dr. Math's students have seen significant gains in their SAT or ACT math scores after tutoring.

How does an ACT/SAT math session work?

Every test prep session is personalized and fluid to take students in directions they need, based on where they have issues. In addition to helping to fill in knowledge gaps, Dr. Math helps students learn how to use non-traditional problems solving techniques (not taught in school) that can often result in a noticeable improvement in overall scores.

What is the best way to prepare for the ACT or SAT?

SAT and ACT prep, in order to be most effective, should be scheduled for the 4-6 weeks leading up to the date of the test. Students who schedule weekly sessions over that period of time are normally able to walk in on test day feeling confident and prepared to do well. Our recommendation would be an approach of this nature, although shorter, intensive (2-3 times per week) review sessions have also worked well for some students.

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